The Co-Chairs of the Stanford Vietnamese Student Association

what we do

SVSA Co-Chairs

As SVSA Co-Chairs, we oversee the organization, its general members, and its leading officers. Our goal is to promote cultural awareness, organizational and leadership integrity, intern recruitment and coordination, and general management of the organization and its members. In short, we make sure all the integral pieces of the SVSA family are getting along and running smoothly!

Internally, the co-chairs will assess team structures and dynamics, and offer major input on events and the direction of SVSA. Externally, we work towards connecting SVSA with other Bay Area VSAs (otherwise known as the UVSA NorCal region), and the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations through social events and leadership summits.

Ultimately, as co-chairs, we hope to lead the growth of SVSA as a student organization and a family.

Brian Tran


Hi everyone, my name is Brian! (they/he)

I was born and raised in the great southeast Houston, Texas area, and I am now a senior majoring in Human Biology! My career path has changed quite a few times since I've been at Stanford, but I have finally settled on becoming a Human Resources department manager or a Diversity and Inclusion advocate in the tech world. On a less academic note, I love playing Pokémon, trying new foods and restaurants, going on random boba runs, doing artsy things (and being an art heaux), and spending time with friends!

SVSA has been a part of my Stanford life since essentially day 1; I was a Frosh Intern for the Public Service committee, the ICC Representative for Stanford for my first two years here, and then a Social Co-Chair last year. As one of your SVSA Co-Chairs this year, my hope is to foster the community that has meant so much to me ever since I first set foot on this campus. We are here to support and meet you wherever you may be at in learning about Vietnamese culture, whether you are Vietnamese or not, because above all else, we are a community for everyone!

What I have enjoyed most about SVSA is that we can engage in learning about Vietnamese culture and heritage while also creating strong bonds to discuss trivial and personal experiences. The people in this organization have become my family away from home and I hope you will join us! If you have any questions about SVSA, want to know more about me, or want to ask or tell me anything in general, feel free to email or message me or visit me in Branner 138!

Vanuyen Pham


Hey there! I’m Vanuyen (she/her) and I’m from Fremont, which is right across the bay. I'm a senior majoring in History and interested in public health and policy. I’m always looking for more musical soundtracks to listen to, black and white movies to watch and good books to read. In my dream life where I have nothing else that I need to do, you would probably find me curled up with a book or traveling the world. I’m a huge believer in the power of hot chocolate to brighten anyone’s day. I like trying new foods and am willing to be the guinea pig for any new recipes that anyone cooks up. I’m a fantastic listener and love to meet new people, so come talk to me and make me laugh! I came to campus as a woefully confused frosh looking for a little love, and SVSA was where I first felt at home at Stanford. Every year has brought some changes as people come and go, but the sense of family is still there and is really important to me. I’ve met some of my closest friends here, and I truly believe joining SVSA was one of the best decisions that I made. It’s been great to see SVSA grow in my past three years in this organization and I hope to promote an inclusive space for folks to feel welcome, challenged and loved. So excited to spend my final year with this fam!!<3