The Co-Chairs of the Stanford Vietnamese Student Association

what we do

SVSA Co-Chairs

As SVSA Co-Chairs, we oversee the organization, its general members, and its leading officers. Our goal is to promote cultural awareness, organizational and leadership integrity, intern recruitment and coordination, and general management of the organization and its members. In short, we make sure all the integral pieces of the SVSA family are getting along and running smoothly!

Internally, the co-chairs will assess team structures and dynamics, and offer major input on events and the direction of SVSA. Externally, we work towards connecting SVSA with other Bay Area VSAs (otherwise known as the UVSA NorCal region), and the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations through social events and leadership summits.

Ultimately, as co-chairs, we hope to lead the growth of SVSA as a student organization and a family.

Ciauna Tran


Ngoc Minh Nguyen