Community Advocacy Promoting Awareness and Action

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Community Advocacy

Community Advocacy aims to bring attention to issues of social justice and activism in Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American communities. We increase SVSA and Stanford awareness of these issues through various events such as Listen to the Silence, Black April, and regularly scheduled Bạn Nghĩ Sao (Vietnamese for “What Do You Think”) discussions. We hope to promote and cultivate thoughtful discussion and reflection on our own identities and how our communities are impacted.

The co-chairs of Community Advocacy are responsible for maintaining a connection between SVSA members and Vietnamese/API communities at large, planning and facilitating events to increase community awareness of Vietnamese/Vietnamese-American issues, and creating open environments for discourse.

Huanvy Phan


Hi! I’m Huanvy (they/she pronouns) and I’m one of the Community Advocacy co-chairs along with my fabulous partner-in-crime My! (Fun fact: I was a CommAdv frosh intern with her!) I’m a sophomore majoring in Asian American Studies and Philosophy on a pre-law track, and I hope to eventually work in community advocacy within the Asian American community or be involved in human/civil rights law. I joined SVSA to further explore my Vietnamese-American identity after having no Vietnamese community at home in Arizona.

Other than SVSA, I’m involved in the Stanford Asian American Activism Committee, Queer & Asian, and Alternative Spring Breaks. When I’m not napping in the Asian American Activities Center or frantically writing papers in the middle of the night, you can usually catch me drinking boba, snapchatting dogs, laughing at memes with my friends, or binge watching a series on Netflix.

My Nguyen


Hey everyone! I'm My (pronounced me), or you can call me Mimi. I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee #choose901 This year, I'm a sophomore who is still lost in the journey we call life. I'm currently interested Human Biology with a pre-med focus (hopefully).

Like any typical Asian foodie, I love drinking boba and trying new and different cuisines, so I'm always down to go on food adventures anywhere! As for entertainment, I love singing along to any type of music (except for country, ironic cause I’m from the South) and watching any food shows and movies. I am a huge animal lover, and I’m always having withdrawal problems from my three doggies back home. My favorite hobby is sleeping for hours on end like a sloth ^_^

I joined SVSA because the Asian community in Memphis was non-existent compared to California, so I'm happy to embrace my Vietnamese heritage through dancing with MLH for another year. I’ve made some of my best friends through SVSA, and it’ll definitely be one of the best memories at Stanford.