Community Advocacy Promoting Awareness and Action

what we do

Community Advocacy

The Community Advocacy committee aims to bring attention about world events to SVSA and communities within Stanford. We increase student awareness of issues within the Vietnamese and API communities through various on-campus events such as Food for Thought and Listen to the Silence. Through our events, we hope to help students think deeply about their identities and the communities that surround them!

The Community Advocacy Co-Chairs’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to: maintaining a connection between the organization and community at large and lead organizational response to world events and external stimuli that involve (but not limited to) activism.

Amy Kouch


Hi guys! I'm Amy, and I'm from California. #westcoastbestcoast. This year, I'm a sophomore who has no idea what she wants to do with her life yet. My hobbies include drinking an excessive amount of boba, eating a concerning amount of sushi, taking pictures, trying to be somewhat active, painting, reading, and spending time with some of the most incredible people. Although I only became involved in SVSA towards the end of freshman year because of Culture Night, I look forward to being more involved this year! :)

Jasmine Ky


HEY. I’m Jas, a sophomore. I’m into cats, memes, and my body is half boba. Talk to me about getting off campus, art, and how to cheat arcades. I’m in SVSA because I really want to connect with the large Vietnamese community near us and listen to what they have to say.