Cultural Know Your Roots (...and Enjoy the Food!)

what we do


The Cultural Committee spreads knowledge of Vietnamese culture to the communities through the events we host. Every year, events such as the mid-autumn festival, lunar new year festival, spring roll nights, and a remembrance of Black April helps bring together the Vietnamese community at Stanford and also teaches those who do not know, a little bit more about Vietnamese culture and traditions.

Chau Vo


Hailing from the beautiful Saigon, Vietnam, I am always ready to embark on the next Viet food adventure. I used to live in Australia for a couple of years before moving to the sunny California, and the weather here does not disappoint! Other than being a proud member of SVSA, I am also an alto singer of O-Tone A Cappella. If you don't see me singing or biking, you will probably catch me picking citrus fruit around Stanford.

Lyndie Ho


I'm so excited to be a Cultural Co-Chair this year! SVSA has been a wonderful community for me and I can't wait to get to work on all the events we'll have this year to introduce SVSA and the greater Stanford community to Vietnamese culture. Outside of SVSA, I spend my free time swimming, reading, and exploring the Bay Area for tasty vegetarian food (or boba :) ).