Cultural Know Your Roots (...and Enjoy the Food!)

what we do


The Cultural Committee spreads knowledge of Vietnamese culture to the communities through the events we host. Every year, events such as the mid-autumn festival, lunar new year festival, spring roll nights, and a remembrance of Black April helps bring together the Vietnamese community at Stanford and also teaches those who do not know, a little bit more about Vietnamese culture and traditions.

Don Le


I come from Michigan. I like to draw a lot, watch anime, listen to soundtracks for hours, read, and go on lengthy walks. As for why I joined SVSA, I’m pretty out of touch with my feelings but all I can say is that I wouldn’t not want to be part of it. No, I’m not a tsundere.

Thomas Nguyen


I travelled this summer to intern at Fulbright in Taiwan! I like talking about cello stuff, Vietnamese culture, and Asia in general. One of my main goals this year is to make sure that I have something that grounds me while going to school here. Looking forward to making our festivals the biggest they have ever been this year!