Cultural Know Your Roots (...and Enjoy the Food!)

what we do


The Cultural Committee spreads knowledge of Vietnamese culture to the communities through the events we host. Every year, events such as the mid-autumn festival, lunar new year festival, spring roll nights, and a remembrance of Black April helps bring together the Vietnamese community at Stanford and also teaches those who do not know, a little bit more about Vietnamese culture and traditions.

Chau Vo


Hailing from the beautiful Saigon, Vietnam, I am always ready to embark on the next Viet food adventure. I used to live in Australia for a couple of years before moving to the sunny California, and the weather here does not disappoint! Other than being a proud member of SVSA, I am also an alto singer of O-Tone A Cappella. If you don't see me singing or biking, you will probably catch me picking citrus fruit around Stanford.

Lyndie Ho


I'm so excited to be a Cultural Co-Chair this year! SVSA has been a wonderful community for me and I can't wait to get to work on all the events we'll have this year to introduce SVSA and the greater Stanford community to Vietnamese culture. Outside of SVSA, I spend my free time swimming, reading, and exploring the Bay Area for tasty vegetarian food (or boba :) ).

Minh Nguyen


Hi! I'm Minh Nguyen, the female Cultural intern (not to be confused with the other Minh Nguyen, who is the male Social intern)! I'm an international student from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, I really, really like pho and other traditional Vietnamese dishes, and I joined SVSA to connect more with my culture while simultaneously pushing my boundaries of social awareness about Vietnamese American issues specifically, and Asian American issues generally.

Angel Pan


Hello! My name is Angel coming from Brick, NJ. I am a freshman this year and I plan on studying ....... wait for it ......... something. Really, anti-climatic I know. But, what can I say, I'm still figuring things out. I came to Stanford thinking that I wanted to major in Computer Science or some other kind of engineering. Growing up in a low-income household, education was seen as a means to increase social status. Thus, I gravitated toward math and science fields in school as they seemed more practical. However, in high school, as I began to take more higher-level humanities classes, I began to see the value of humanities too -- e.g. finding the meaning of life. I slowly became more interested in history, philosophy, psychology, linguistics, music, economics .... basically everything. As you can, I am still trying to figure my life out. I'm looking to potentially doing something like Symbolic Systems as it will synthesize several of these interests into one interdisciplinary major. We'll see. The future is full of possibilities.

As for SVSA, I joined in order to learn more about Vietnamese culture. Growing up in a predominantly white area, I did not really have exposure to many different cultures. In the beginning I was pretty ignorant due to my limited exposure to different cultures but as I began to take more humanities classes, I began to realize the many unique worlds found in different cultures. I saw SVSA as an opportunity to explore Vietnamese culture and meet some awesome people (they seem pretty awesome so far but only time will tell). :) As a cultural intern, I hope to spread all the cool aspects of Vietnamese culture that I will learn with all of y'all.

Ciauna Tran


I'm excited for what the first year of college has in store for me, especially with SVSA! I am from a suburb right outside of Denver, Colorado. I love the nature in Colorado, and definitely miss seeing the picturesque mountains. As an artsy-craftsy kind of person, I love DIY projects, crocheting, and scrapbooking. I am also part of the club swim team and Stanford Philharmonia Orchestra. As for academics, I am planning on the pre-med route and majoring in human biology. I have learned to appreciate and value the Vietnamese culture. Growing up, the Vietnamese culture was only a part of my home life. As a part of SVSA, I want to be a part of the culture outside of home. I am eager to share the Vietnamese culture with others on the Stanford campus!

Lucy Zhu


I’m looking forwards to being a part of the planning towards the events hosted by SVSA and learning more about Vietnamese culture. If you don’t find me studying, I’m usually doodling on the Cintiq at Lathrop, hunting for good boba tea, or biking around the campus.