Culture Night The Experience of the Year!

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Culture Night

Culture Night is SVSA's spring showcase of our Vietnamese heritage and culture through performing arts. This performance consists of a main storyline as well as a fashion show, singing, and various forms of dance. Dances from previous years include Vietnamese hat dance, fan dance, contemporary dance, couples dance, lyrical dance, ribbons dance, hip hop dance, and bamboo dance. It’s more than just putting on a meaningful production to share with the Stanford community. It’s working together with a wonderful group of people and having fun as you pour your heart and soul into performing an amazing show!

Joanne Nguyen


Hello there! My name is Joanne Nguyen and I’m a rising sophomore. I was a frosh intern and female lead of Culture Night last year, so that experience inspired me to be one of the Culture Night Directors this year. I’m excited to share a hopefully meaningful and enjoyable show with you this year! SVSA has been so important during my time here at Stanford. I am so proud of all of the events I helped planned and participated in, and I’m proud to be part of the SVSA family full of wonderful people. My life revolves mainly around (Korean) music - listening, singing, writing (English songs for now), and playing guitar - Asian dramas, crocheting, and working on graphic design projects. If you’re interested, check out my online portfolio at

Chloe Thai


Hi there! I'm a sophomore prospectively majoring in bioengineering from Buffalo, New York! It's my first year in SVSA, and I'm so thankful that I did. SVSA is a wonderful and loving community that you'll create a ton of close and meaningful bonds with! If I'm not playing with ecoli or crying about ordinary differential equations, I'm probably thinking about food, food, food, or boba. I'm a big fan of indie rock, trashy kdramas, travelling, and museums. I'm always happy to meet new people and grab a meal! :)