Culture Night The Experience of the Year!

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Culture Night

Culture Night is SVSA's spring showcase of our Vietnamese heritage and culture through performing arts. This performance consists of a main storyline as well as a fashion show, singing, and various forms of dance. Dances from previous years include Vietnamese hat dance, fan dance, contemporary dance, couples dance, lyrical dance, ribbons dance, hip hop dance, and bamboo dance. Recently, we have also tried to incorporate more themes related to Vietnamese-American identity and Vietnamese history into our show.

In the end, it’s more than just an end-of-the-year production -- it's a way to bring people together in our community and bond as we pour our hearts and souls into something we truly care about.

Hung The Nguyen


I'm from Sugar Land, Texas.

Fun things related to me include freeline skates, ice cream (if I ever turn down ice cream, something is very very wrong), climbing things (I want to go rooftopping more), and Overwatch (I'm not v. good though.) I do other cool things too, like 3D printing, DIYing electronics, etc.

Not fun things related to me include my GPA, my love life, and low quality graphics (exception: pictures of my face.)

I'm a silly person on the internet.

James Thieu


Hi! My name is James Thieu and I'm an upcoming sophomore hailing from Little Saigon in Westminster, CA. Currently, I'm an Electrical Engineering major, which will hopefully get me on the path to working on sustainable technology systems such as Hyperloop.

In the same vein of sustainability, I enjoy gardening and would be happy to show you around the dining hall gardens any time! My other hobbies include learning about military history and philosophy, singing, watching anime, and playing video games.

After serving as a frosh intern for Culture Night and being one of the lead actors last year, I became a Culture Night Director to make sure that the story of Little Saigon is told. Growing up, I didn't really engage in depth with Vietnamese culture, so joining SVSA was a great opportunity for me to explore my heritage. Feel free to talk to me if you ever want to learn more about the unique experience of growing up in a Vietnamese majority community!

Ashley Amado


Hi y'all! I'm Ashley (she/her) and I wrote my roommate essay about Hello Kitty. I'm from the city of Spokane, Washington. There's lots of trees and flannel there. Talk to me about it! You can probably identify me by my fun socks or by the sound of my bike, which insists on squeaking as loudly as possible while I bike all around campus.

I'm looking into majoring in Human Bio, with a possible minor in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies or some other humanities yet-to-be-decided. I'm half-Vietnamese, explaining my Hispanic last name. If you wanna get together for boba and talk about the racial identity in modern America OR get hyped about culture night, hit me up.

Vianna Vo


Hi guys! My name is Vianna and I am a freshman from San Jose, California. I'm planning on majoring in Human Biology on a pre-med track.

When I'm not in class, I love to eat food, rock climb, play board games, jam out on the piano/drums, and make spontaneous decisions (i.e. making french fries at 2AM).

I've thoroughly enjoyed watching culture shows in the past and I cannot wait to finally be a part of the planning process!

Shelly Deng


I am a sophomore this year (mixed feelings about that, but that's not important right now!) Chinese-born American, but glad to be part of SVSA!

I am a curious soul -- passionate in hearing people's stories, understanding why people think or do what they do, and exploring about empathy. And love those deep discussions -- whether it is in my room or on some public transportation, whether it is with friends or with randos, whether it is 4 am or 4 pm, whether we are agreeing or disagreeing.

What else? I love food, boba, coffee, traveling, people-watching, vegetating, and engaging in adventurous activities. I live life on the edge and to the extreme.

Mauricio Morfin


I am a meme lord in disguise who loves to go rock climbing and watch anime. I also enjoy talking about FIRST Robotics and other engineering type things. Video games are cool too. I aspire to become a goverment official for the city of Richmond, California.