Finance These Events Don't Fund Themselves

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The Finance Officer manages SVSA's budget. We apply for TSF and Special Fees funding, allocate and approve money for each committee's events, keep track of SVSA's budget, and process all reimbursements. We make it rain. We help make all of $V$A's events possible.

The TSF Officer acts as a liaison between SVSA and The Stanford Fund from where we get roughly half of our funding for the year. Responsibilities include working with the Financial Officer to ensure that committees have money for SVSA's various events throughout the year and allocating stewardship hours to core members.

Steven Doan


Hi everyone! I’m Steven, and I’m a senior from San Diego, CA majoring in Science, Technology, and Society (ain’t it such a mouthful?). This year, I will be serving as SVSA’s Financial Officer.

I’ve flip flopped between majors every year since starting here, and while I have finally declared a major per Stanford’s request, I continue to be just as lost as the years before about what I want to pursue both academically and professionally. I know I am interested in impacting low income and underprivileged communities like my own, but I am still exploring in what capacity I want to approach it from, whether it be through healthcare, policy, or education (I promise not to be this wishy washy with the SVSA monies).

But in the times that I’m not brooding over the fate of my future, you can probably find me lazing about (I am a wonderful procrastinator), eating (I had a color coded Pringles collection back in the day), watching anime (I have a list), or playing video games (avid fan of Fire Emblem and F/GO). I also like having friends. Pls be my friend (but only if you want to).

Apart from my freshman dorm, SVSA was the first community that made me feel so at home here at Stanford, and it’s played such a huge role in shaping how I’ve grown and lived here through all of the new people, events, and culture it has introduced me to. SVSA is what you make of it, but if you are looking for that family away from home, I have no doubts you can find it here.