Finance These Events Don't Fund Themselves

what we do


The Finance Officer manages SVSA's budget. We apply for TSF and Special Fees funding, allocate and approve money for each committee's events, keep track of SVSA's budget, and process all reimbursements. We make it rain. We help make all of $V$A's events possible.

The TSF Officer acts as a liaison between SVSA and The Stanford Fund from where we get roughly half of our funding for the year. Responsibilities include working with the Financial Officer to ensure that committees have money for SVSA's various events throughout the year and allocating stewardship hours to core members.

Vanuyen Pham


Hey there! I’m Vanuyen and I’m from Fremont, which is right across the bay. Right now, I’m a junior majoring in History while also torturing myself by being premed. I’m always looking for more musical soundtracks to listen to, black and white movies to watch and good books to read. In my dream life where I have nothing else that I need to do, you would probably find me curled up with a book or traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. I’m a huge believer in the power of hot chocolate and boba to brighten anyone’s day. I like trying new foods and am willing to be the guinea pig for any new recipes that anyone cooks up. I’m a fantastic listener and love to meet new people, so come talk to me and make me laugh! I came to campus two years ago as a woefully confused freshman looking for a little love, which I definitely found in my SVSA family. I’ve met some of my closest friends here, and I truly believe joining SVSA was one of the best decisions that I made. So excited to spend another year with this fam <3