Finance These Events Don't Fund Themselves

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The Finance Officer manages SVSA's budget. We apply for TSF and Special Fees funding, allocate and approve money for each committee's events, keep track of SVSA's budget, and process all reimbursements. We make it rain. We help make all of $V$A's events possible.

The TSF Officer acts as a liaison between SVSA and The Stanford Fund from where we get roughly half of our funding for the year. Responsibilities include working with the Financial Officer to ensure that committees have money for SVSA's various events throughout the year and allocating stewardship hours to core members.

Phung Le


Hi there, I'm a sophomore from Kirkland, Washington. I'm still lost on what I want to major in, but I guess that's fine. I was born in Vietnam and spent some years there before moving to the U.S.. I still speak Vietnamese and listen to Vietnamese music (usually traditional music -& I even started liking cai luong after I came to the U.S. even though I used to hate it when I was in VN lol) / watch Vietnamese TV. I joined SVSA because I wanted to find a community of people with whom I can share my culture and experiences. Last year, I was an intern for Culture Night committee. I don't like writing, and I'm interested in STEM, theatre technology (or just behind-the-scene stuff), and FOOD! I love all kinds of food, but especially Vietnamese food. I also love boba and smoothie, too. One of my favorite things to do last year was "cooking" (I actually can't cook) small Vietnamese meals like banh uot, spring rolls, etc. with people.

Vicky Le


It's my third year at Stanford, and it shall be my second year involved in SVSA!! I’ve been Vietnamese-American all my life. Yes. I was shocked too. As you’ll find out soon enough, I’M SUPER EXCITED FOR SUPER AWESOME SVSA ACTIVITIES AND A YEAR OF FUNTASMIC. Because college is such an ethnically diverse environment, being part of the Vietnamese community on campus only strengthens my cultural pride. When I am not procrastinating, you can find me studying for the Human Biology core, zipping through crowds on my bike (WEAR A HELMET EVERYONE ♥︎), and worshipping the Lord. Other than that, I like to play with babies, pretend to be athletic, and make gross (but delicious) concoctions in the dining hall with Sriracha.