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As interns, we learn what goes on the inside of SVSA: how events are put on, how meetings are run, etc. We get to experience the dynamics of the core members and become an integral part of the group. But for the most part, we feel that the SVSA family will become the people we develop close friendships with through endless derp sessions and PHOod outings.



love me.

Clare Zhu


Hello person! I'm a freshman studying the intricacies of caffeine and pset-ology, although I'm told that with slight modification, those skills should translate seamlessly into a Mathematical and Computational Science major. I can often be found taking long walks around the Oval and School of Medicine, and taking even longer walks back after getting lost. My penchant for wide-eyed exploration has taken me progressively farther from home each year, from San Diego to Baltimore to Beijing, where I have survived flash floods, shameless haggling, and prolonged cooking for one. Now that I'm on the Farm, though, I have begun to experience a disorienting dearth of rain, a shocking shortage of ethically-ambiguous price gouging, as well as an alarming abundance of dining halls. To counteract my unease, I've taken up various hobbies, including puns, boba, slowly replacing my English vocabulary with math, and of course, MLH. Looking forward to a great year with the fan fam!

Emily Cang


Hello, hello! I'm Emily from Norcross, GA and Revere, MA, and I'm a Frosh Intern for ICC! Though new and unfortunately not Viet, I'm excited to make SVSA my home on campus. I bring to all of y'all some really bad puns and a very intimate, very passionate love of food. HMU if you want to have a late night conversation about anything and everything (this includes but is not limited to Pokemon, anime, kdramas, the Asian-American identity, being low-income and first-gen, and juicy gossip). If you want some more boring details, I'm hoping to major in Biomedical Computation, I really like Math and CS, and I'm stoked to get to know everyone! ^_^ *dab out*

Huanvy Phan


HI THERE! I'm Huanvy and I'm a frosh intern for Community Advocacy and I'm super stoked to be a part of SVSA core this year! My major is decidedly undecided but I am primarily interested in the humanities. I joined SVSA because I feel a strong connection with the Vietnamese community and I wanted to truly immerse myself in it while promoting pride, culture, awareness, and activism. You'll usually find me passionately rambling about social justice, Star Wars, memes, Asian American activism, Hamilton, breakfast foods, and/or my dog (aka the love of my life).

James Thieu


Hi! I'm James, a freshman interning for the Culture Night committee! I was born in Rome, NY and grew up in Westminster, CA (i.e. Little Saigon). I'm really excited to be part of SVSA this year, since I never really engaged with Vietnamese culture in depth at home and would love the chance to connect more with my culture!

I'm probably majoring in Electrical Engineering (Major of Hardness +3), although I also love history (esp. military history) and philosophy. In addition to the aforementioned, my interested include singing, music, video games, and identity as both a first-generation low-income student and an Asian-American.

Come talk to me if you ever want to delve deep into the Vietnamese culinary world!

Lyndie Ho


Hey! I'm a frosh intern for Cultural Committee. I'm undeclared but thinking about majoring in Symbolic Systems. My passions include swimming, rock climbing, attempting to cope with the new cold weather, and boba. Can't wait to get to know all of you!.

Maddie Hoang


Hey, I'm Maddie from Texas. I'm currently undecided between Product Design and BioMech Engineering, but I love painting and drawing!

HMU for chats about queer&asian issues, video games, art, concerts, or dogs (pls talk to me about dogs)

My Nguyen


Hey everyone! I'm My (pronounced me), or you can call me Mimi. I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee #choose901
This year, I'm a Frosh Intern who is still indecisively exploring all career options with an open mind. I'm currently interested in Bioengineering and Biology with a pre-med focus (hopefully).
Like any typical Asian foodie, I love drinking boba and trying new and different cuisines, so I'm always down to go on food adventures anywhere! In terms of musical interests, I play violin and piano, and I love singing to any type of music (except country). Some of my favorite artists are AJ Rafael, David Choi, Justin Timberlake, and Tori Kelly. As for entertainment, I love watching any food shows and romantic comedy animes and movies. I am a huge animal lover, and I am currently having withdrawal problems from my three doggies back home. My favorite hobby is sleeping for hours on end like a sloth ^_^
I joined SVSA because the Asian community in Memphis was non-existent compared to California, so I'm excited to embrace my Vietnamese heritage and try dancing for the first time with MLH!

Sarah Tran


I'm from San Diego. Fun facts: I run my cat's instagram @meatloafcat, and I'm pretty good at finding out what acronyms stand for (with context). I love banh xeo.

Vy Mai


So, a little bit about me. I like turtles, penguins, and pandas because they're all kinda slow and lazy, like me (when it's not finals and I can afford to waste time). Fun Fact: I also like rice, so I brought a rice cooker from home. I'm obsessed with kpop, so I joined XTRM, a kpop dance group, despite having no body coordination. I am planning on becoming a CS+Philosophy major (the philosophy part being more tentative), and I hope to use my skills for social good in the future. However, as of right now, I'm just trying to sit back, relax, and absorb college life.