Interns / SVSA Babies

what we do


As interns, we learn what goes on the inside of SVSA: how events are put on, how meetings are run, etc. We get to experience the dynamics of the core members and become an integral part of the group. But for the most part, we feel that the SVSA family will become the people we develop close friendships with through endless derp sessions and PHOod outings.

Minh Nguyen


I am an impressionistic literary fiction writer who skates on a longboard. I read bilingually so we can chat about the silent devastation in Kazuo Ishiguro's Artist of A Floating World and the societal oppression of Vietnamese women in Nguyên Hồng's Bỉ Vỏ at the same time. My favorite artists range from Édouard Manet to Anselm Kiefer to Marina Abramović so get ready to be immersed. I also deeply care about culinary culture and just happen to be a wine enthusiast (ricocheting between Zinfandel and Gamay for my favorite).

Besides the hobbies, my life revolves around real estate, finance, and management science. There is not much to say about them but their nature of being dry and exhausting. But I believe those worlds can be mollified with the fluidity of the humanities and arts I have come to love and cherish.

Brian Ly


Lychee in the streets, freaky in the sheets.

Leila Doty


Hey, everyone! My name is Leila (she/her pronouns), and I’m very excited to be in SVSA this year, specifically as an intern for the Community Advocacy Committee. I’m half-Vietnamese and half-Caucasian, and even though I’ve been immersed in Vietnamese culture growing up, there’s a lot I don’t know about the Vietnamese identity that I’m eager to learn about during my time in SVSA.

I’ve lived in Roseville, California (near Sacramento) for most of my life, but am originally from Santa Clara and visit the Bay Area with my family often. I’m a prospective Economics major with a minor in Computer Science, and I’m planning on going into public service at the state level after university.

I love knives and swords, and I have a few of my own at home, including a katana! One of my goals while I’m at Stanford is to use the Product Realization Lab to forge my own sword. I promise I’m not violent. I probably have what would be called a clinical addiction to boba. My favorite Vietnamese dishes are pho (how original), banh xeo, bun rieu, and com tam. I’ve been running cross country for almost ten years now, and would say that I have a love-hate relationship with running. Completing at least one marathon is on my bucket list. I like all kinds of music and grew up watching Naruto. My favorite color is olive green and I have the apparently unpopular opinion that cereal is best eaten soggy.

Minh Nguyen


Hi! I'm Minh Nguyen, the female Cultural intern (not to be confused with the other Minh Nguyen, who is the male Social intern)! I'm an international student from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, I really, really like pho and other traditional Vietnamese dishes, and I joined SVSA to connect more with my culture while simultaneously pushing my boundaries of social awareness about Vietnamese American issues specifically, and Asian American issues generally.

Angel Pan


Hello! My name is Angel coming from Brick, NJ. I am a freshman this year and I plan on studying ....... wait for it ......... something. Really, anti-climatic I know. But, what can I say, I'm still figuring things out. I came to Stanford thinking that I wanted to major in Computer Science or some other kind of engineering. Growing up in a low-income household, education was seen as a means to increase social status. Thus, I gravitated toward math and science fields in school as they seemed more practical. However, in high school, as I began to take more higher-level humanities classes, I began to see the value of humanities too -- e.g. finding the meaning of life. I slowly became more interested in history, philosophy, psychology, linguistics, music, economics .... basically everything. As you can, I am still trying to figure my life out. I'm looking to potentially doing something like Symbolic Systems as it will synthesize several of these interests into one interdisciplinary major. We'll see. The future is full of possibilities.

As for SVSA, I joined in order to learn more about Vietnamese culture. Growing up in a predominantly white area, I did not really have exposure to many different cultures. In the beginning I was pretty ignorant due to my limited exposure to different cultures but as I began to take more humanities classes, I began to realize the many unique worlds found in different cultures. I saw SVSA as an opportunity to explore Vietnamese culture and meet some awesome people (they seem pretty awesome so far but only time will tell). :) As a cultural intern, I hope to spread all the cool aspects of Vietnamese culture that I will learn with all of y'all.

Ciauna Tran


I'm excited for what the first year of college has in store for me, especially with SVSA! I am from a suburb right outside of Denver, Colorado. I love the nature in Colorado, and definitely miss seeing the picturesque mountains. As an artsy-craftsy kind of person, I love DIY projects, crocheting, and scrapbooking. I am also part of the club swim team and Stanford Philharmonia Orchestra. As for academics, I am planning on the pre-med route and majoring in human biology. I have learned to appreciate and value the Vietnamese culture. Growing up, the Vietnamese culture was only a part of my home life. As a part of SVSA, I want to be a part of the culture outside of home. I am eager to share the Vietnamese culture with others on the Stanford campus!

Lucy Zhu


I’m looking forwards to being a part of the planning towards the events hosted by SVSA and learning more about Vietnamese culture. If you don’t find me studying, I’m usually doodling on the Cintiq at Lathrop, hunting for good boba tea, or biking around the campus.

Ashley Amado


Hi y'all! I'm Ashley (she/her) and I wrote my roommate essay about Hello Kitty. I'm from the city of Spokane, Washington. There's lots of trees and flannel there. Talk to me about it! You can probably identify me by my fun socks or by the sound of my bike, which insists on squeaking as loudly as possible while I bike all around campus.

I'm looking into majoring in Human Bio, with a possible minor in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies or some other humanities yet-to-be-decided. I'm half-Vietnamese, explaining my Hispanic last name. If you wanna get together for boba and talk about the racial identity in modern America OR get hyped about culture night, hit me up.

Vianna Vo


Hi guys! My name is Vianna and I am a freshman from San Jose, California. I'm planning on majoring in Human Biology on a pre-med track.

When I'm not in class, I love to eat food, rock climb, play board games, jam out on the piano/drums, and make spontaneous decisions (i.e. making french fries at 2AM).

I've thoroughly enjoyed watching culture shows in the past and I cannot wait to finally be a part of the planning process!

Shelly Deng


I am a sophomore this year (mixed feelings about that, but that's not important right now!) Chinese-born American, but glad to be part of SVSA!

I am a curious soul -- passionate in hearing people's stories, understanding why people think or do what they do, and exploring about empathy. And love those deep discussions -- whether it is in my room or on some public transportation, whether it is with friends or with randos, whether it is 4 am or 4 pm, whether we are agreeing or disagreeing.

What else? I love food, boba, coffee, traveling, people-watching, vegetating, and engaging in adventurous activities. I live life on the edge and to the extreme.

Mauricio Morfin


I am a meme lord in disguise who loves to go rock climbing and watch anime. I also enjoy talking about FIRST Robotics and other engineering type things. Video games are cool too. I aspire to become a goverment official for the city of Richmond, California.

Jessica Chen


Hey y'all! I'm Jessica and I'm going to be a PR intern this year! Get ready for some lit events, chill hang outs, and intimate bonding ;). A little about me - I love to bake, my left ankle is bigger than my right ankle (because I sprained it) and I have a scar on my left thigh from falling off a tree. SVSA has been a wonderful community for me during my time so far at Stanford and I hope that you can be a part of it too!

Ryan Chen


Hey y'all! I'm Ryan and I'm going to be a PR intern this year! Get ready for some lit events, chill hang outs, and intimate bonding ;). A little about me - I love to bake, my left ankle is bigger than my right ankle (because I sprained it) and I have a scar on my left thigh from falling off a tree. SVSA has been a wonderful community for me during my time so far at Stanford and I hope that you can be a part of it too!

Michelle Ly


I decided to join SVSA because I wanted to not only have a unique community at Stanford, but to also learn about my own identity. As a first-generation Chinese-Vietnamese American, it's difficult to have your culture boxed into one category when it's much more than that. So by being part of SVSA, I hope I can develop my own definition of my identity more.

Jen Vu


Hi! My name is Jen Vu (she/her), and I am incredibly excited to be a SVSA Public Service Intern this year.

I'm interested in human biology and philosophy, and I'm excited to take classes in a variety of subjects. I love traveling, learning about different cultures, and trying new foods in places that I've lived in. Most recently, I lived in upstate New York, but I've also had the opportunity to live in China, Singapore. and Germany! Favorite foods include sushi, fruit, and cookie butter. Least favorite foods include bean sprouts, mustard, and pickles.

As a part of SVSA this year, I hope to embrace and learn more about the Vietnamese culture and my family's heritage. Looking forward to a fun year!

Ryan Peng


Hello everyone! My name is Ryan and I'm from Erie, Colorado! I am so excited to be a part of the Stanford community and especially SVSA. Currently, I am thinking of studying computer science, economics, or both. However, this is not set in stone as I want to explore more potential majors during my time here at Stanford. As for my hobbies and interests, I love to work out at the gym and run (I mainly do long distance running) and I am also a huge fan of the outdoors. I am always down to hang out with friends. It doesn't matter what the activity is, I just like to socialize and chill. My music taste comprises of hip-hop, rap, and R&B music. On a side note, you'll probably find me still awake at 3 AM doing homework or talking with friends.

I joined SVSA to find a supporting community and also learn about my background. I want to learn more about my ethnicity and Vietnamese traditions and cultural events. Joining the social committee in SVSA will allow me to connect with others and make friends all the while creating a fun and social environment for everyone.

Jacklyn Luu


"Hello~~~ I’m Jacklyn, and I’m a frosh intern for the Social committee. I don’t know my major yet, but I’m interested in a combination of biology, math, and CS. I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I have this extraordinary talent for napping. I enjoy singing (though I’m not particularly good), and I spend a lot of time at the pool. Generally, I’m a pretty chill person, so I’m always down to chat. I joined SVSA, because I want to meet fun people, eat delicious food, and embrace my Vietnamese heritage. I’m super excited for this year with SVSA!!!