Mua Lac Hong Phan dancing. With fans. For fans.

what we do

Mua Lac Hong

Mua Lac Hong (MLH) is a Vietnamese dance group that strives to share the rich Vietnamese cultural experience through original performances combining the use of traditional Vietnamese clothing, such as áo dài, and props, like fans and nón lá (conical hats), with contemporary Vietnamese music. By educating through entertainment, MLH hopes to cultivate an appreciation for and deeper connection to the Vietnamese heritage among its members, the Stanford community, and the greater Bay Area community. We like to combine dance practices with lots of laughter and moments packed with fun, so come by to one of our practices and join us for a fantastic time! ^_^

Cali Nguyen


Hey there! I'm Cali. ^_^

I'm a junior majoring in Biomechanical Engineering and minoring in Japanese. However, I’m also interested in education, public health, and art! At the moment, I am considering becoming a high school math or science teacher.

Academic and career interests aside, I love drinking boba, wearing t-shirt dresses, collecting coin banks not in the shape of pigs, getting new lucky cats, solving 3D puzzles, finding Pusheen related things, expanding my collection of food-shaped Squishables, and, of course, being in SVSA and MLH!

Many of my favorite memories at Stanford involve hanging out with my awesome SVSA/MLH family, from late night dance practices to spontaneous boba runs. This year, I'm super excited to be your SVSA Co-Chair and your MLH Co-Chair (for a second time! :D).

Anthony Nguyen


Heya! I’m Anthony and I’m MLH Co-chair and our ICC representative this year. SVSA has been a great community for me in the year that I’ve joined it and I hope for the best in coming years. Academics wise, I’m looking to major in Chemical Engineering (kill me now) and hoping to work on future energy options such as better batteries or more efficient renewables. Aside from that, I love to bake so hit me up if you’re ever down to make a cake or some fancy dessert with an unnecessary french name. (I also took up the ukulele recently, but I suck so sorry if you ever happen to suffer through it.)

Alex Park


Hello hello! My name is Alex, and I'm a junior from the Chicago suburbs! I'm actually a Korean-American, but I'm here soaking it all in and uh "getting in touch with my Vietnamese heritage". Yeah. I'm studying History, and enjoying writing things, whether they be dense essays about the developmental militarism or satire about my life growing up.

When not waving fans or spinning hats with MLH, you can probably find me somewhere running long distances, swimming less-long distances, obsessing over Pokemon, experimenting in the kitchen, or reading everything from sappy romance novels to Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential. I have a strong policy of either being rather uninterested in things or *completely obsessed*, so if you are interested in anything I'm interested in, feel free to chat with me about it! You'll be stuck. For hours.

This is where I sign off by talking about how great MLH is, right? Honestly, if being trapped in a mirrored room for 4+ hours a week with a bunch of excited people wildly waving fans and hats doesn't excite you, I don't know what will. (Haha semi-kidding, it's a lot of fun though!)