Multimedia Secretary-ing and Public Relations-ing

what we do

SVSA Multimedia

The Secretary keeps the organization and Stanford community up-to-date and informed about SVSA events.

The Public Relations Officer handles matters of publicity. Responsibilities range from promoting upcoming SVSA events among the Stanford community to general management of the organization’s official website and social media.

My Nguyen


Vy Mai

Senior (she/her/hers)

Wow, it's already senior year, three years since I joined SVSA. Quick recap:

  • Year 1: Public Relations Intern — shy frosh me, just trying to find a community (spoiler alert: I did)
  • Year 2: Public Relations Co-chair — I returned to core, did good work
  • Year 3: On Hiatus from Core — study abroad shenanigans + took a lot of intense HCI courses
  • Year 4: Public Relations Webmaster — missed the community and I like web stuff

Beyond SVSA, I study Computer Science on the Human-Computer Interaction track (meaning don't ask me about AI). I also like sketching notes, dancing kpop, taking photos, eating, and sleeping.

Hung Nguyen

Senior (he/him/his)

Hi hallo chào howdy y'all~

svsa is kewl and ya should join

Thanks cảm ơn bye chào ja matta y'all