Multimedia Secretary-ing and Public Relations-ing

what we do

SVSA Multimedia

The Secretary keeps the organization and Stanford community up-to-date and informed about SVSA events.

The Public Relations Officer handles matters of publicity and webmastering. Responsibilities range from promoting upcoming SVSA events among the Stanford community to general management of the organization’s official website and social media.

Savannah Pham


Greetings! My name is Savannah Pham. I'm a junior double majoring in Psychology and Asian American Studies. I love reading, making creeper faces, and eating sour cream. I was born and raised in Southern California, but was never really part of a Vietnamese community, so joining SVSA as a frosh intern, dancing with MLH, and directing Culture Night are some of the best decisions I've made thus far. This year as Secretary, I hope to involve more members of the Stanford community in our events as well as use my platform with Miss Vietnam of Northern California--Intercollegiate to connect SVSA with the Bay Area Vietnamese/Vietnamese-American community.

Steven Doan


Hi everyone! I’m Steven, a sophomore hailing from sunny San Diego! This year, I continue to be just as lost as the year before about the direction I want to pursue academically. But in the times that I’m not brooding over the fate of my future, you can probably find me lazing about (sleeping is a hobby), eating (usually snacks), watching anime (Fate anyone?), or playing video games (RPGs and LoL). Over the span of 2 quarters, I was slowly coerced by the lovely folks here at SVSA into joining and I’m really glad they did. I’ve met some of the most wonderful people and I’m certain that my time here with SVSA will be one of the most defining and memorable parts of my Stanford experience. So even if you’re a bit hesitant or just a tad doubtful, I encourage you to give us a try.