Multimedia Secretary-ing and Public Relations-ing

what we do

SVSA Multimedia

The Secretary keeps the organization and Stanford community up-to-date and informed about SVSA events.

The Public Relations Officer handles matters of publicity and webmastering. Responsibilities range from promoting upcoming SVSA events among the Stanford community to general management of the organization’s official website and social media.

Savannah Pham


Hi friends! My name is Savannah (she/her/hers) and I'm a senior double majoring in Psychology and Asian American Studies. I joined SVSA as a frosh intern, in search of a community I could identify with--instead I found a family, and have made some of my closest friends here. SVSA has been a space for learning, growth, and lots of laughter and love. I'm happy to have served as a Culture Night Director and Secretary x2, and to also have connected to the greater Vietnamese community through the Miss Vietnam of Northern California--Intercollegiate pageant.

Vy Mai


Hello there! My name is Vy, and I’m a sophomore, CS major, and SVSA’s lovely Public Relations (PR) Co-Chair.

A little bit about me is that I dance Kpop with an on campus group called XTRM, love slow animals (like turtles, pandas, and penguins), and sleep pretty late. You’ll either find me happily hanging out with friends or dying in classes; it’s always one of the two.

I’m excited to start this new year at Stanford, and I hope to meet you soon, whomever happens to stumble upon this.