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Public Service

The Public Service team plans and executes events with the purpose of reaching out to and aiding the Vietnamese American community. Annual events include reaching out to local high schools by hosting workshops and conferences, and working with external charity groups. The two main events that Public Service puts on is FCAW and YACC.

Niki Saelou


Hey there! My name is Niki, and I’m a sophomore this year looking to major in CS or MS&E! I’m actually a Chinese-American and grew up in the “Koreatown” of Georgia (near Atlanta), so if you’re into Korean R&B/acoustic music or kbbq hit me up (:

In terms of my career interests, I’m super passionate about public service, graphic/web design, project planning, and event/concert management. Aside from that, I love drinking boba, riding rollercoasters, studying at cafes, watching concerts and dance shows (and kdramas l o l), and living a pretty nocturnal lifestyle.

Throughout my freshman year, SVSA brought me many crazy memories and cherished times, and I can’t wait for another year of endless laughs (and boba runs) with the amazing people! ♡

Paul Phan


Hi to the lucky person who may read this! Currently serving as the public service co-chair, it is my hope to use SVSA as a tool to help the local Vietnamese community which I lacked growing up in Baltimore. Outside of SVSA, I love to eat, travel, and sleep. This past summer I traveled to 10 different countries while maintaining a two-month internship in Vietnam! Crazy right?

Probably going to major in Human Biology, but I am also interested in Computer Science and International Relations. Hope to meet you soon!

Michelle Ly


I decided to join SVSA because I wanted to not only have a unique community at Stanford, but to also learn about my own identity. As a first-generation Chinese-Vietnamese American, it's difficult to have your culture boxed into one category when it's much more than that. So by being part of SVSA, I hope I can develop my own definition of my identity more.

Jen Vu


Hi! My name is Jen Vu (she/her), and I am incredibly excited to be a SVSA Public Service Intern this year.

I'm interested in human biology and philosophy, and I'm excited to take classes in a variety of subjects. I love traveling, learning about different cultures, and trying new foods in places that I've lived in. Most recently, I lived in upstate New York, but I've also had the opportunity to live in China, Singapore. and Germany! Favorite foods include sushi, fruit, and cookie butter. Least favorite foods include bean sprouts, mustard, and pickles.

As a part of SVSA this year, I hope to embrace and learn more about the Vietnamese culture and my family's heritage. Looking forward to a fun year!