Public Service Giving Back To Our Community

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Public Service

The Public Service team plans and executes events with the purpose of reaching out to and aiding the Vietnamese American community. Annual events include reaching out to local high schools by hosting workshops and conferences, and working with external charity groups. The two main events that Public Service puts on is FCAW and YACC.

College counselors, high school students, and parents can go HERE for sign-ups, required forms, and details

Tyler Dao


Hello, I'm Tyler Dao. Before coming here, I was from the East Coast, more specifically Lake Worth, Florida, the land of sunshine and beaches. Enjoying the sunny weather, I decided to go here for school to avoid the freezing winters. I am currently a sophomore planning to study Bioengineering, and hopefully do some sort of higher education after undergrad. I decided to become co-chair of the Public Service committee because I enjoyed helping out with it last year and believe in using education as a tool for social mobility. Aside from this, I enjoy fulfilling my basic human needs of sleeping and eating, talking to people, and watching entertaining shows/videos/podcasts.

Vicky Le


Although it’ll be my second year at Stanford, it shall be my first year involved in SVSA!! I do have some experience: I’ve been Vietnamese-American all my life. Yes. I was shocked too. As you’ll find out soon enough, I’M SUPER EXCITED FOR SUPER AWESOME SVSA ACTIVITIES AND A YEAR OF FUNTASMIC. Because college is such an ethnically diverse environment, being part of the Vietnamese community on campus only strengthens my cultural pride. When I am not procrastinating, you can find me studying for the Human Biology core, zipping through crowds on my bike (WEAR A HELMET EVERYONE ♥︎), and worshipping the Lord. Other than that, I like to play with babies, pretend to be athletic, and make gross (but delicious) concoctions in the dining hall with Sriracha.