Social Food. Laughs. Fun. Possibly regret. More food.

what we do


The Social Co-Chairs are responsible for internal events to promote core bonding and external events for general members and the greater Stanford community to get to know SVSA. In other words, our jobs are to make everyone sure everyone is having fun! Some of the fun things we have done in the past: Potstickers Study Break, Dimsum on the Lawn, DCL (đừng có lo) dates, and Phở Nights. By hosting these events, Social Co-Chairs hope to create a lasting bond and memories for our core members, general members, and the Stanford community!

Anthony Nguyen


Hey y'all! I'm Anthony and I'm going to be social co-chair this year! Get ready for some lit events, chill hang outs, and intimate bonding ;). A little about me - I love to bake, my left ankle is bigger than my right ankle (because I sprained it) and I have a scar on my left thigh from falling off a tree. SVSA has been a wonderful community for me during my time so far at Stanford and I hope that you can be a part of it too!

Sao Bac


Dear whoever reading this,

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio. I am not really sure how I should describe myself, so I'll just extend an invitation to send me a message through e-mail or Facebook to hang out! I hope your day is going well, and if it isn't I hope you know you can always reach out (even if I don't know you!).



Ryan Peng


Hello everyone! My name is Ryan and I'm from Erie, Colorado! I am so excited to be a part of the Stanford community and especially SVSA. Currently, I am thinking of studying computer science, economics, or both. However, this is not set in stone as I want to explore more potential majors during my time here at Stanford. As for my hobbies and interests, I love to work out at the gym and run (I mainly do long distance running) and I am also a huge fan of the outdoors. I am always down to hang out with friends. It doesn't matter what the activity is, I just like to socialize and chill. My music taste comprises of hip-hop, rap, and R&B music. On a side note, you'll probably find me still awake at 3 AM doing homework or talking with friends.

I joined SVSA to find a supporting community and also learn about my background. I want to learn more about my ethnicity and Vietnamese traditions and cultural events. Joining the social committee in SVSA will allow me to connect with others and make friends all the while creating a fun and social environment for everyone.

Jacklyn Luu


"Hello~~~ I’m Jacklyn, and I’m a frosh intern for the Social committee. I don’t know my major yet, but I’m interested in a combination of biology, math, and CS. I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I have this extraordinary talent for napping. I enjoy singing (though I’m not particularly good), and I spend a lot of time at the pool. Generally, I’m a pretty chill person, so I’m always down to chat. I joined SVSA, because I want to meet fun people, eat delicious food, and embrace my Vietnamese heritage. I’m super excited for this year with SVSA!!!